WIN is a network of entrepreneurs with an advocacy for freedom.

Worlwide Interalliance Netpreneurs (WIN) is founded by Dr. Susan Barlin in 2016 as a network of entrepreneurs, particularly in the MLM industry, with an advocacy for ultimate freedom: financial freedom, freedom from medical and mental health issues, freedom from the bondage of self, etc. Through trainings and seminars, WIN aims to empower its members with skills ranging from "beginning your networking business" to "sustainable network growth", from "how to become an effective speaker" to "helping others through MLM."

Membership consists of men and women from different companies from around the world who are eager to share their and learn others' stories of experience, strength and hope. You don't have to be in MLM to be a member of WIN. You just have to have the dream to succeed with a passion in being of service to your fellows.